Taxation services Accounting Secreterial/Other
EMP201 submission- included in payroll fee included in payroll fee Bookkeeping-remotely From R750.00 New company registration R450.00
EMP501 submission R600.00 Payroll- monthly processing incl EMP201 R180 per employee CIPC annual returns submission R750.00
VAT 201 submission R550.00 Payroll employee activation fee R230 per employee Company details amendments R600.00
IRP6 submission (Provisional tax) R1100.00 Annual Financial statements - SME R6,100 per set Director changes/amendments R620.00
Company income tax- dormant R550.00 Annual Financial statements - R10,065 per set CIPC maintenance R1200.00
Company income tax calculation and submission R2300.00 Management accounts Contact Us Company deregistration R2150.00
Tax clearance pin (both tender and good standing) R200.00 Other accounting services Contact Us XBRL format submission R1300.00
Payroll taxes registration (UIF,PAYE, SDL) R1250.00 COID registration R950.00
Department of labour UIF included in payroll tax registration COID submission/letter of good standing R1150.00
VAT registration R1120.00 Importers code application R980.00
Personal income tax calculation & submission from R600 Other secreterial services Contact Us
Other tax services Contact Us
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