5 ways to make money from your skill/qalification | 2022

It does not matter what you study in varsity, you can monetize the skills you learned in your course without going about getting employed. Well, most courses. The important thing that most, maybe even most students miss is having skills. Your job does not stop at getting your qualification, you constantly need to upgrade your skills, especially in the ever-changing world that we live in. 

In this blog, we will share with you various ways you can explore to monetize your skill. Sometimes, just sometimes, you do not need to be employed or have a big business to get benefits from the skills you’ve learned – simple things like blogging. Read on.

5 ways to make money from your skill/qualification:

In this digital era that we live in, you will have to be online to get the most of these: 

(1) Freelancing

This is one of the well-known forms of making money: some take it as a side hustle, and some are making a living off it and fund their lives with it. Even if you are unemployed, you can still make the most of it. You will have to build a personal brand, it helps when you’re active online. Share relevant content in your industry: whether it’s news, trends, new things that are working in your industry, and all that kind of content. You will find that in some cases, clients will want to see your previous, which is understandable. 

What you can do to build your portfolio is to either do a trade exchange with a business (where you will both benefit), or give them free work so you can have something to use to build your portfolio. 

(2) Become a coach

This is not so popular, but coaching is one way to make money both on and offline. You can offer training to either professionals or businesses. Yes to professionals too. As we have mentioned prior, you need to constantly improve your skills, in any industry. 

Offering coaching will essentially help businesses or business owners in that they will stay on top of their game and have a competitive advantage. You can offer monthly or quarterly contacts to come and train employees. 

(3) Create an online course

By this time, we’ve probably all taken an online course at least once. An online course is basically curated and packaged content; these mostly include video content. Thanks to platforms such as Udemy, you can create a profile and sell your course there. Udemy is one of the biggest global online academies that exist: an advantage is that there are already people looking for a course you have to offer. 

Although this is not an online platform, you can even use social media or LinkedIn. LinkedIn actually has an academy called LinkedIn to learn. However, you decide to sell, selling courses is lucrative. 

(4) Sell digital products

Digital products are intangible products such as electronic books. Just like a course, you can package it nicely and sell it. The nice thing about ebooks is that you can sell them at quite a low price, and you know what they say about low prices, “customers want high quality at a low price and they want it now”. Crazy as it may sound, this can be one of the viable options to do so. 

(5) Start a podcast

A podcast is a distributed audio file using RSS feeds to the subscribed user. Podcasting becomes easier when you are also good at speaking. It allows you to open/start conversations around what’s happening in your industry, what’s working on not, or just sharing advice. You can even feature or invite other professionals to have a session with you. 


A side hustle/money-making idea on monetizing a Bookkeeping:

Following our successful Bookkeeping Workshop in February 2022, we have packaged the session into a mini-course. This includes recordings of the session, and materials (editable sheets too). 

With this skill, you can make money in the following ways: 

➡️ Freelance this service to businesses 

➡️ Write an ebook and sell it to small business owners 

➡️ Host mini webinars and teach this skill to small business owners at a fee. 

To buy this workshop session + material, send a DM or email to 📧

Have you tried any of these? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments.