Organisational cultures to adopt in 2022

What is work culture?

Work culture is exactly what culture is in our respective clans – these are the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. 

As per dictionary definition, organizational culture is the values, beliefs, attitude and practices that employees in an organization live by. You can simply tell if a company has a functional or dysfunctional culture just by how it treats its subordinates, or even how employees normally treat customers. 

In business, it is necessary to develop the success of a business internally. Happy employees make happy customers, a happy customer is a returning client and that’s how the business grows (especially revenue). 

What cultures have you put in place in your business that will keep the internal stakeholders happy, while strengthening and growing the business? 

Why is a work culture important? 

The culture of a workplace affects the business largely. When it aligns with employees, they feel belonging – valued and supported.  

One thing about culture, it can be used to outperform competitors, even attracting talent. People do consider work culture before applying, some would even take a lower-paying opportunity at an organization with a better culture.

What forms a great culture? 

This is different for all companies, however here are 5 qualities you might want to cultivate: 

1️⃣ Alignment – the company’s objectives have to align with the employees’. In this way, both are working towards a common goal and the employee will feel motivated. 

2️⃣ Integrity – honesty and transparency is crucial in any team, members need to be confident and comfortable knowing that they can rely on each other. 

3️⃣ Teamwork – this encompasses collaboration, communication, and respect amongst team members. When people have each other’s backs, productivity flows too. 

4️⃣ Appreciation – even Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will tell you this, it’s everyone’s need to feel appreciated in any way. A simple kudos by your superior on LinkedIn, or a promotion no matter how small goes a long way. 

5️⃣ Mental health (safety) –  seniors need to make it a safe space for employees. By doing so, you are making it easy for employees to be able to open up about things that bother them and problems get solved quickly. 

We hope that these at least serve as a guideline to build your culture in your business. If you have any in place, we would like to hear how you do things in your team? Leave a comment.