Top 3 Mindset-ships for Business Owners

Mindset is everything!!! It is the only change that is long lasting, it happens WITHIN us. Sure there may be external benefits, but it starts from the inside. It starts with a MINDSET.

There’s a social media coach that likes to say…

“Entrepreneurship is a reflection of your inner world. If you are not getting paying clients, it’s because you’re not (emotionally) ready for them. If you don’t get what you want, you’re getting what you need.”

Business care is a self care shift from “I have to do XYZ” to “I want to do, I am going to do, I love to do XYZ” In any situation, you can change, leave or accept it.

You won’t have to start over if you don’t quit.

Unfortunately success has no shortcuts, you just have to go through the process. It has thorns but the outcome is beautiful. Be in your journey

Today, we’ll share with you our Top3 Mindset-ships you need to develop as a Business Owner:

(1) Actions create clarity more than thinking could… STOP tweaking behind the scenes. 

Be clear on:

* What your offerings – post about it on social media along with testimonials.

* Who is it for/not for?

* What’s the process to go about rendering your service/buying your product? 

Cut the thinking and start taking actions to get experience. 

(2) Don’t ask anyone to do what you wouldn’t do. 

If you’re gonna ask someone to see a therapist, have you or would you? Walk that talk. If you take the leap of faith first, you can tell a story of what that looked like for you. 

(3) Stop comparing yourself. 

Yes it helps you understand where you are in life and or where you place yourself. It helps you know where you are ahead of the game, what you need to improve so you know when to pat yourself on the back or to put yourself in line. But when it mutates into jealousy, insecurity, it becomes a cock-blocker. 

A bonus tip from us:

“Don’t think about what can happen in a month or year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what will get you closer to where you want to be.”

There’s a difference between being patient with success and passively waiting for it. You still have to put in the work for your goals, you can’t expect handouts from the universe.

Let us know in the comments the mindset you had to adopt as a business owner, we’d love to hear it!