How to keep employees motivated and productive.

It is almost year end: people are getting exhausted, it’s been tough for all of us, we’re getting burnt out, etc. In times like these, it’s hard to keep focused, stay motivated and productive. It’s part of your responsibility as a manager to help your team, sometimes people are “too busy to get any work done”. This means that people are “working” but not getting any work done. Yep, it happens. 

5 ways to keep your employees productive and motivated:

1️⃣ Match tasks to skills/

Nothing beats team work. It’s not a cliché that “team work makes the dream work”, trying to do everything alone can be so exhausting, let alone something you don’t enjoy. Hence it’s important to know your team’s zone of genius so you can delegate accordingly, and know their chronotype. It’s also worth noting that someone might be good at something, but not enjoy it.  

A guide on how to know your zone of genius…


Write down the following:

1️⃣ things you love doing and good at at.

2️⃣ things you like doing, good at, and can get done.

3️⃣ things you don’t like doing, but good at.

4️⃣ don’t like doing and not good at.

The first point is very important to know, that’s when one operates at their absolute best and does it 10x greater because they enjoy it. A simple conversation can help you figure out this about your team, and then make decisions. 

2️⃣ Allow for flexibility/remote working 

Everyone is effective in different places, at different hours. Some work well in the office, at the coffee shop, some even at home. It’s best that you give people the flexibility and not “box them” in the office, as long as they get the job done. 

Consider your flexible and remote working policy.


3️⃣ Appreciate and/or reward them 

Humans are wired to gratification. Yes they get a salary and maybe bonus once a year, but that’s just compensation for the work they’ve done. It boosts one’s confidence to get noticed for their contribution. When you are confident, you are at your best and can produce more results. 

Everyone wants to feel valued in the workplace and being recognized for the work that they did. Nothing’s more motivating than your employer saying ‘great job’.

4️⃣ Support them 

You know what they say…

Give before you receive 

Listen before you speak 

Support others if you want support 

Show employees that as much as you wanna get good results from them, you care about them too/their well-being. Everyone has their own lives outside of work which may affect thief ability to perform their best. Provide support in their physical health, mental health, etc. 

5️⃣ Give them a great experience 

Your employee’s overall experience has a big impact on productivity. Everyone is driven by different goals and aspirations. Some employees are motivated by a good balance between work and life, while others are motivated by money.

Companies need to prioritize knowing what motivates and drives their people and work with them to create positive experiences so that they are doing their best work.

We hope this helps you if you are a manager, or a team leader. It is important to ensure everyone is not only getting the work done, but also we’ll taken care of so they can be their best. Let us in the comments how you plan on implementing some of the points, or what methodologies you use to keep your team motivated and productive. 

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